My Talk at the 2023 Nelson Nash Institute IBC Think Tank

IBC-Style Policy Design & Use: An Economic Perspective

Ryan Griggs
1 min readApr 7, 2023

In February 2023 I gave my third talk at the annual meeting of Authorized IBC Practitioners in Birmingham, AL.

A video recording of my presentation is here.

My view is that Nelson Nash’s IBC is essentially applied capital theory. It’s a personal financial strategy that is fundamentally grounded in economic theory, and in capital theory in particular.

The talk highlights three implications of this fact with respect to policy design and use. The first of these gets the most attention in the presentation. Come to find out, the day of the talk, that I could have gone on for much longer, so the second and third parts got less attention. Fortunately, they are natural extensions of economically-informed policy design.

As you watch, remember that the primary audience here is a group of well over 100 financial professionals.

Likewise, the talk is educational in nature. It is reproduced here for educational purposes and should not be taken as tax, legal, or investment advice. Always consult a properly licensed and qualified professional before doing anything with your money.




Ryan Griggs

Founder, Griggs Capital Strategies | “Banks lend money that does not exist, and that is evil.” — R. Nelson Nash