A Thanksgiving exploration of how to give the gift of capital creation.

This article expands on a topic I first raised on this blog three years ago (this one).

That article highlights some of the features of dividend-paying whole life insurance and observes the fact that non-profit entities are not subject to income tax, and therefore, that non-profits can own Modified Endowment…

Changes to the IRS Code pursuant to the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020 effected the pricing of life insurance death benefit. This article describes those changes and what they mean — and don’t mean — for the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)

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Life insurance is an extremely old financial asset. Long before the United States of America — much less the Internal Revenue Service — was a thing, Lloyd’s of London was issuing life insurance.

Life insurance death benefit has always been viewed for what it is: replacement of lost income and/or…

Many who are considering implementing, and some who already have implemented, the IBC are concerned about rising price inflation. Is IBC still a good idea given worsening monetary policy in the United States? I discuss below.

Banking with Life episode #85 on IBC and price inflation, with a horrendous picture of me.

The other day a client asked me about my thoughts on the propriety of IBC given the ever-worsening monetary policy in the United States (and the world). I came to this blog to find…

Some websites identifying with the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) advertise the ostensible benefits of purchasing dividend-paying whole life insurance that receives direct recognition and using a third party lender to borrow against cash values so as not to suffer a reduced dividend. This article investigates.

A new client recently mentioned a term I had not heard before: a “synthetic non-direct recognition policy.” I had never heard such a term from Nelson Nash neither publicly nor privately, nor had I seen it in any of his writings. I suspected it had something to do with justifying…

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Mega popular radio show host and online financial entertainment personality Dave Ramsey can’t help but attack the idea of “banking” with whole life insurance. In November of last year, Dave made that explicit on YouTube with his video entitled “Why Infinite Banking is a SCAM!” …

The financial industry has made a killing compartmentalizing various financial objectives into individual silos, each of which is purportedly addressed by unique, financially engineered products. This article explains why this is a case of treating symptoms, rather than the underlying disease.

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Everyone knows on some level that as they mature, generate income, and think beyond the immediate present, that conventional wisdom instructs us to develop a financial plan.

Perhaps one of the reasons that this generates a feeling of discomfort or undue pressure is that the industry does not explicitly define…

I find that many do not understand the essential relationships between base and PUA premium, cash value, and death benefit in whole life insurance. Maybe this will help.

This very simple thought experiment will inoculate you against the many errors that circulate online regarding why the values (cash values and death benefits) change relative to premiums (base and PUA) the way they do in dividend-paying whole life insurance.

For instance, promoters of life insurance policy design that we…

In financial crises, it’s common for internet traffic to surge among Austrian-Economic, and liberty-oriented sites. Unfortunately, most proposed solutions are impractical, even inapplicable, at the individual level. What should the individual do? What role have you and I played in supporting the system that causes these crashes? What do you need to do to not only prepare for future crises, but to stop contributing to their source?

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The Ron Paul Liberty Report has been on fire. And I hear that Mises Institute traffic is way up. All of that is expected and great. There is something wrong out there in the financial world, and people should be looking for answers.

However. I can’t help but feel a…

Ryan Griggs

CEO, Griggs Capital Strategies. “Banks lend money that does not exist, and that is evil.” — R. Nelson Nash

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